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Baller Alert Radio – Episode 4 – Angela Yee Talks Her Wildest Lip Service Episode, Not Feeding Into Negativity & Her Juice Bar With Styles P (Audio)

Baller Alert Radio chat it up with Angela Yee in New York this week for probably one of the most in-depth interviews we’ve done in a while. 

On the podcast Angela discusses how she comes up with topics to discuss for the day, citing social media, blogs and Google for some of the best places to get the tea. However, if it’s something discussed with her in confidence, it’s completely off limits. 

“We’ll have guests on the show, and I might know a lot more than what I let on, but a general rule for me when we interview people is if something is out there publicly, if it’s on the blogs, if someone else said it, it’s fair game. Now, if there’s something about you that I know personally, and no one else knows — it’s not out there publicly that you can Google and find, then you don’t ask about that. If you tell me something in confidence, I’m not going to sit up there and interview you and [bring it up].”

Angela also dishes on how she remains so chill, even when people try to pull negativity out of her. 

“I’m always consistent and even with everything. At the end of the day, I have a job to do, I do my job, but the extra bull sh*t, I don’t care. I’m so chill and happy. I think that when you’re so at peace and happy, things are going well and you have good karma, you just chill. There’s always people who are going to try and pull [negativity] out of you, even in comments and stuff, people want to see a reaction. People don’t want you to be calm, peaceful, happy.”

Angela adds, “People say things all the time that aren’t true. People have said things about me that aren’t true. That never makes me mad” 

“I never bother nobody, I never do nothing to nobody so that’s why I’ve always had great things happen in my life. I never want to do something to someone and have that karma come right back.” 

Outside of radio, Angela Yee has been doing some dope things behind the scenes. She’s currently started a new business venture with Styles P and will be opening her own ‘Juices For Life’ juice bar in Brooklyn. 

“When I do things, it happens to be something I feel is beneficial to the community. I felt that this would be something great for the community. For the kids, for the older people, for everyone in the community to become healthier.”

Aside from the juice bar, Angela Yee has also gotten into the house flipping game. 

“I bought two houses in Detroit. I’ve been doing a lot of research about what’s going on there and why it’s a good place to invest in. It’s a city that I love. I feel like it has a lot of culture and I feel like it would be great for black people to be able to buy property there and help Detroit get back to where it needs to be.”

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