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Baller Alert Radio – Episode 9 – Ceaser & Dutchess Drop Jewels On Donna, Puma & More

Baller Alert Radio sat down with Ceaser and Dutchess of Black Ink Crew to get ALL the exclusive tea for episode 9. When I say tea was spilled and shade was thrown, it’s an understatement. You’ll really have to listen to the entire episode to hear it all. 

First we discussed Ceaser and his child support arrest. According to Ceaser, the issue wasn’t that he hadn’t paid his child support, it’s that he missed court while he was in North Carolina with Dutchess. Due to editing of the show, it made it seem that Ceaser had been locked away for an extended period of time, but that wasn’t the case. Ceaser says he was only held for two hours and then released. 

We also talked to Dutchess about the infamous tongue rape situation with Donna. Dutchess points out some discrepancies with VH1’s editing. Dutchess clarifies that the “moaning” sound that the viewers heard when she was supposed to allegedly had been with Donna, was also used in a previous episode, the episode where she is on a date with Ceaser and needs to throw up. She also points out that the clip they use of Dutchess appearing to invite Donna to the back room with her in Miami, was filmed earlier in the day — you can tell because she’s wearing the outfit she arrived in Miami with, and not the outfit she wore to the club with Donna. 

The couple say that despite the terrible editing to make them look a certain way, it’s all entertainment and they understand that’s the nature of reality television. 

Also, in Part 2 of this interview (dropping next week) expect to hear lots of shade thrown towards Puma, reality stars who work for free and Sophia Body who they say is trying to bring up old beef to stay relevant. 

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