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The Baller Alert Show – Episode 26 Recap

The Baller Alert Show, featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 26th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.

In case you missed it, the hosts discussed the fire in the Trump Tower, Cardi B’s new album, her pregnancy, as well as Drake’s new single.

As the episode continued, the hosts revisited their conversation about Drake and Kanye West. Who is the better rapper? And who is the better song maker?

According to Burns, Drake is the better song maker, but that does not mean he’s the better rapper. On the other hand, Simmons believes it makes Drake the better rapper, but what do you think?

Next, the hosts revisited this weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit with Chadwick Boseman and Kenan Thompson, where the two played Jeopardy. Check out the clip down below, it was hilarious!

As the episode continued, Simmons dished on this week’s Baller Mail that asks, whether or not you will move to another city for your significant other even if he/she doesn’t want you to move in with them. The general consensus was “hell no, we won’t go.” What do you think?

Then, Su Solo revealed this week’s comment creeping which featured Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burress. She then went on to discuss Marlon Wayans joke about Kim, where he claimed she looked like his character from “White Chicks”.  Kim was offended, but did he lie?

As the episode wrapped, Kenfucious shared a special jewel about selflessness.

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