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Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Most Outrageous Trump Moments of 2017

In November 2016, the United States of America took a turn for the worse after electing Donald J. Trump as president over Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One year later, Trump has aimed to fulfill his promise to make America great (again) but specifically for the wealthy White men of the country. Although black people were held captive as slaves, according to Roy Moore, white families were united and that’s what it means to “MAGA.” In an effort to achieve MAGA, Trump has created an open lane for the white supremacists and racists to express their true hate. From his divisive language and constant attacks on people of color, to his failure to denounce white supremacy, Trump has successfully created a divide in the nation.

However, that is not the only bafoonery Trump has been up to this year. Baller Alert has compiled a list of Trump’s most outrageous moments of the year. For those of you who voted for the former reality television circus act, maybe you should take this time to reflect on your actions and be ashamed. Be very, very ashamed.

Do you remember the time Trump threw paper towels at the victims of the devastating Hurricane Maria? Although the Celebrity-in-chief claimed the victims enjoyed his presence, it’s hard to believe the people, who lost almost everything in the natural disaster, were amused by Trump’s antics. But, if that wasn’t bad, what about the time Trump put on a fake accent to pronounce “Puerto Rico,” which occurred during their time of turmoil and devastation.

Prior to that, Trump ignited a war with the NFL. He took the stage at one of his many hate-filled rallies and called out players who take a knee in protest of police brutality and racial injustices. Not only did he suggest the firing of players who stand up for what they believe in, but he also called them sons of b*tches, prompting Colin Kaepernick’s mom to clap back at the Celebrity-in-Chief. But, Kaep’s mother wasn’t the only football mom that called out Trump this season. Marshawn Lynch was also a victim of Trump’s criticism for sitting during the national anthem, prompting Mama Beast Mode to fire shots at Trump over the league’s refusal to let him own a team. Mama Beast Mode: 1 Trump: 0.

As we wrap the first year under Trump’s reign, we cannot forget the time when he said he spoke to the President of the Virgin Islands, forgetting that he is, in fact, the president of the Virgin Islands, as it is part of the United States. Silly man. What about the time when he referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas, the young Native girl who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and allegedly murdered and made into a classic Disney film. Not only is the reference offensive, given the tragic story of Pocahontas, but also, Trump made the reference during an event that honored Native American Veterans. Just disgusting.

Aside from that, Trump has also sparked a feud with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, which may eventually start a war. He has remained consistent in his attack of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and anyone that opposes his views. He’s refused to condemn White Supremacy, and to top it all off, he thinks he’s doing a great job. So when we are on our way to war for Trump’s vicious twitter fingers, and without healthcare and increased taxes, remember that you voted for this. Be ashamed.

What are some other outrageous Trump moments?

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