Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top Glow Ups Of 2017

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There was the Glow Up Challenge, but this isn’t something you can do and change back.  The most influential personalities and artists of the culture broke records and dream barriers, and created new styles and trends that we use daily.


Here are Baller Alert’s Top GlowUps Of 2017…


Cardi B –

“I don’t dance now, I make Money Moves!” As soon as you hear this lyric, your hands go in the air and it’s all thanks to the LHH-turned-international superstar, Cardi B! The Bronx native had the #1 song in 2017, HANDS DOWN! It charted at the top for months, and broke a record for having a single with no features for the first time since Lauryn Hill.  Followed up by her many appearances across television, her ravishing acceptance into the fashion game, and MORE. To top off her 2017, the Atlanta culture hero, Offset, proposed to her!!

Talk about getting love and life all in one package! Can’t wait to see what Bardi has for all her fans next year!


Gucci Mane-

Gucci Mane, Mr. BrickSquad 1017, himself, helped artist like the Migos, Young Dolph, Waka Flocka and MORE by putting them on mixtapes and features to some of his hottest mixtapes. In 2017 he dropped 2 major albums, El Gato and Mr.Davis but that just scratched the surface.

On top of his many magazine cover appearances in Paper, XXL, Billboard, and more, his marriage to the gorgeous Keyshia Kaoir Davis and their BET special covering the experience was the pinnacle highlight of his 2017 glow.

The Wopster announced that he is going fully independent in 2018.  Let’s see what heat is dropped next!



Writing for so many years for the top names in the industry, SZA was already a familiar face to the celebrities. However, the TDE signee took the world by storm with her debut album “CTRL” this Summer. She went from behind the scenes to the front stage, and with her sensuality and elegant vibes, there is no telling how far she will go.

The R-and-Pop star is nominated for 5 nominations at the 60th Annual Grammy’s next year. I’m sure amidst her glow up, she will take home the gold!


Tiffany Haddish-

Her story is very touching but her glow up is even more inspiring.

The “Girls Trip” star weaved her web of stardom by working her way through the California streets and following her dreams.

Her big break was in the greatest girls film in 2017.  It grossed millions in the first week of release and Haddish was the biggest part of that! Her character gave the film the flavor that everyone wants but doesn’t want to admit they have.

Now Haddish is preparing for other roles and taking pictures with all the hottest celebs, and she is very excited about it!

2018 isn’t ready for Tiffany Haddish, but we are!! Can’t wait to see what’s up next girl!


As we vastly approach 2018, the glow of these celebrities will trailblazer the way for more successes.  Can’t wait to see what the culture produces!

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