Baller Talk: Baby Blue Whoaaaa Talks Pretty Ricky, New Business Ventures, “Love and Hip Hop Miami” and More 

Baller Alert caught up with Baby Blue Whoaaaa, one of the four original members of the Miami-R&B/Hip-Hop group Pretty Ricky, to talk new music, business ventures, his love life and his role on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.” 

To start, Blue dished on the ins and outs of working with family in regards to the group, with Spectacular being his brother, Slick em being his cousin and Pleasure P being a close family friend, all of whom were managed by Blue’s father, Joseph “Blue” Smith Sr. 

“When it’s family, the arguments are a little bit more intensive because you got a whole family history, but at the same time it’s still family so you can most likely get through whatever problem it is.” 

But when it comes to separating business and pleasure, or in Blue’s case, his personal relationships, he doesn’t, for the simple fact that he believes those closest to him, including his significant other, should support his business ventures. 

As Blue continued, he shared stories of his best memories with Pretty Ricky, most of which consisted of crazed fans. 

“I know a lot of times as a celebrity, you kind of what your own space, but this is what you signed up for. In this field, some people disagree, some people agree, but its kinda like you don’t really have space. You signed up for this, to be a public figure and some people take advantage of the opportunity when they meet you,” he told BA Correspondent Gigi Rivera. 

“The problem is, if you tell them ‘chill,’ ‘I’m with my family,’ or ‘I’m not working today, I’m chillen,’ then they turn to the attitude, like ‘oh, that’s how you treat your fans,’ ‘that’s how you gonna act,’” Blue added of rejecting crazed fans. 

But, Pretty Ricky has been around for a long time, releasing hits, so Blue is not new to this, he’s true to this. Especially since, the group has created their own lane for boy bands, with one singer and three rappers, while most groups have it reversed. 

“There’s three rappers, one singer in the group. So our image is more rap than it is R&B, we don’t really dance too much. B2K, they used to kill it with the dance moves, we ain’t do that. We came with the Uncle Luke throw that D type,” he said. “When we came out, we were very very sensual, the show was very erotic and as we progressed in our career, we understood that that kinda put us in a box. So we kinda toned down the show down a little bit so that it’s more universally appealing.”

Switching gears, Blue opened up about his branding, marking and consulting business, in which he’s currently working on Bobby Lytes’ album. He also revealed what we can expect on the forthcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami,” without sharing too much. 

“I know a lot of people they got a lot of doubt, they be thinking, ‘Ah, it gotta be scripted,’” he said, adding, “Nah, it’s not scripted. It’s real. It’s from the soul. These are real problems, real issues that we’re trying to figure out in front of the world.” 

Oh and if you’re wondering, there is new Pretty Ricky music out there….but you’ll have to tune into “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” to find out if it’s coming out.

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