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Baller Talk: City Girls’ Yung Miami Talks “Girl Code,” JT’s Release, Drake’s Surprise and Controversial Tweets: “I’m Grown Now, I See Things Totally Different”

Upon the release of their debut album, “Girl Code,” Yung Miami stopped by Baller Alert to talk all things City Girls, “Girl Code,” and their catapult to success with the help of Quality Control bosses, Coach K, and P. 

Back in June, Miami’s other half, JT, born Jatavia Johnson, turned herself into federal custody to complete a prison sentence on reported fraud charges. The prison bid came after a Summer of success, from their appearance on QC’s compilation album, the release of their debut mixtape, “Period,” and of course, their feature on Drake’s mega-hit, “In My Feelings.” 

“It happened too fast,” Miami said of the group’s catapult to fame. “One day we was rapping, the next day we was signed, the next day we was like – this big artist.” 

“I’m adjusting, sometimes I be like – ‘Man listen, I can’t do it,’” she said. “And I tell myself, ‘Yes, you can.’  We was just two regular girls, we went and made that song, we ended up getting signed, then we end up in the studio every day to doing the mixtape to doing an album.” 

“Then to being on a song with Drake,” she continued, as she elaborated on the experience. “It was amazing. When P called us and was like ‘Drake want you on this record,’ we was like, ‘Stop playing with us. Is this real?’ Then when we heard the hook, it was like, ‘Resha and JT…’”

“I’m like, ‘Who is Resha?’” She said, adding that she never liked to have a nickname before Drake put it in a song. “Drake changed that.” 

“When I had met him at his album release party, he was like, ‘You know, I ain’t know how to pronounce your name, I ain’t want to be disrespectful. But I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn’t want to ask P or nobody like, ‘How you pronounce her name.’ So he was like, ‘I just was like Resha,’ I was like ‘Well, now you got me loving Resha. Period. My name is Resha.”

As Miami continued, she opened up about signing with Quality Control, acknowledging their star-studded roster as a factor in their decision. From there, Miami spoke on her relationship with Trina and the influence the Miami-bred rapper had on the Miami duo. 

In fact, Miami also revealed the impact the city of Miami, as a whole, has had on her career and who she has become as a person. 

“You know, growing up here is what I go through on the Internet, it’s haters, it’s people talking shit,” Miami said. “I done got into a lot of fights, so it’s like – it just helped me – it didn’t help me. I still read comments, I still be cussin’ bitches out. But it prepared me a little bit to be a little stronger – have tough skin and not give a fuck about what a bitch gotta say about me cause I been going through it, dealing with these bitches here in Miami for a while.” 

“People always say ‘Why do y’all read comments about yourself,’ because it’s yourself,” she said. “It’s just so hard to keep ignoring somebody, like you just wanna put a bitch in their place one time.” 

As Miami continued, the rapper opened up about preparing for JT’s incarceration, in which the duo recorded music, filmed videos and even a documentary, all while the rapper was out on bond. 

“The process was kinda hard,” she said. “We knew JT had to turn herself in, so a lot of the times she wasn’t in the mood. If we in the studio, you going through something in the back of your mind and you still gotta go to work. So a lot of the times, we’ll get into it, not because we having problems, just because she going through something.” 

“I don’t feel like nothing was rushed, but everything was time-consuming,” Miami added. “I feel like [JT] needed a lot of alone time and we didn’t give her that. So it was like a struggle but it all came along.” 

In the meantime though, despite the tough time, JT is in good spirits. #FreeJT! 

From there, Miami shared her thoughts on those who are critical of the City Girls’ message and vulgarity. 

“You’re childish, you should really grow up,” she said. “You too sensitive. We just making alter ego music, we just saying fun stuff and stuff that girls think and wanna say.” 

And when it comes to being a role model, Miami said, “I’m teaching them to be confident, about their money and to be an individual. To be yourself. People scared to be themselves.” 

“Spend their money and save yours,” Miami said of her motto, as she opened up about being an inspiration to those that are “Straight from out the bottom.”

In the interview, Miami also cleared up her controversial tweets, spoke on JT’s release and the best thing that has happened to her. 

Click below to watch the full interview:

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