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Ballerific Relationships: Would You Have A Do-Over With Your First?

“Dear First,

Our time together wasn’t long enough. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was our first time and I wanted an all-nighter, however, I did enjoy myself and the moment we shared. We should, you know, hook up again and go another round. This time the experience will guide us and I can show you the tricks I learned along the way… if that’s cool. So, what do you say?”

What would you do if your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend sent you this message? Would you hit delete or reply?  In the movies, they show us the “fairy tale”version of how your first time is supposed to be, from the music playing to rose petals. Many of us experienced our first time at a young age, so it was nowhere near as romantic as the movies. Time has passed and both of you have had the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and sexually. Would you have a do-over with your first?

On one hand, your first time may have left much to be desired. On the other hand, some people may have had the time of their life with their first. Some of our followers on Twitter shared what they would say if asked for a second first-time. Check out the responses below:

Would you take your ex on the offer of another round?


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