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Ballerific Relationships: We May Be Best Friends But My Man Ain’t Your Man…Neither Is My Ex

Many people have their own definition of a friend and I believe that’s what causes friction in a friendship. Friends need to have similar definitions in order to make things work. It is a special kind of relationship. One thing I have noticed is that the word “friend” is often used too loosely. A friend should be someone that you can count on to be there for you when you need them the most. When we go through bad break ups or just a rough time within our relationship, we should be able to call them and vent.

I came across a post on Instagram that really ticked me off, as if I was the one dealing with the situation. A woman, lets call her Jennifer, expressed how she ended a friendship with her former best friend. Apparently, Jennifer felt that her friend was being disloyal and she had a bad feeling about her.

Well, one thing I have learned growing up is that you should always listen to your gut. Jennifer had a feeling that something was going on between her best friend and boyfriend. Her friend would tell her that she is overreacting and it is not that serious. First red flag….

Jennifer felt that the (former) best friend and the boyfriend (now ex) loved each other more than friends should. Normally, when women get into relationships we introduce our man to our bestie. You often feel that you want the two to get along but of course in the back of your mind you have the “what if.” The former friend stopped talking to Jennifer on several occasions because she told her that she wasn’t comfortable with the way the two were acting around each other. When you notice red flags, you better pay close attention. Do not ignore the signs because you will kick yourself later.

Now, here is the real kicker…someone called Jennifer and told her that her former best friend and now ex boyfriend are official. Come on now, “WTF!” Clearly the former friend had no loyalty to herself or her friend. Jennifer wasn’t upset but she expressed that her intuitions were correct all along.

As my “friend,” my current man and exes are off limits no matter what. There are enough men for you to find your own, so why do you feel you need to pursue mine? Ladies and Gents, you need to watch who you call your friend. Everyone does not have your best interest at heart. Any “friend” that does trifling mess as this is clearly not your friend and you need to cut them off immediately.

Remember, Karma is real and she will return in full force. The same way you get the man is the same way you will lose him. Jennifer, you are better off without the two low life people in your life. They clearly deserve one another. Your prince will come soon!

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