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Ballerific Relationships: “Semi-Psycho” By: @milagreee

You know when you just start dating this guy and you are absolutely sprung. The sun rises and sets with his phone calls, your heart skips a beat when you see him, there’s nothing anyone could tell you that would make you feel otherwise about him. This honeymoon phase can be particularly blinding because you really start to believe that this man is perfect. FINALLY! God has answered your prayers. Although it might be hard, you have to sort of separate yourself from the butterflies and come down to reality to see if in fact you are dating a suitable man or if he is a semi psycho in disguise. The issue with the loser in disguise is that he doesn’t have to be a broke bum that lays on the couch all day to be considered a loser, there are behaviors and patterns that could alert you that he is in fact mentally unhealthy. He blinds you into believing his courting act and later on in your relationship with him, you’re left wondering who this loser is and where the man you initially fell for went.

He goes zero to a hundred real quick, literally. His temper is unlike anything else you’ve seen. When he’s on his best behavior, he is amazing and sweet, everything you could ever ask for. When he’s in a rage, he punches things and breaks things like a child. WAH. He always apologizes after but it never erases the vivid images of him acting out like a neglected toddler.

He will try to break you. He will try and tear you down. He won’t quit until you feel like nothing or less than you felt before you met him. He is good at tearing and breaking your self-esteem until you have none or till you start to believe what he tells you. He has a tendency to dislike all of your friends, your family and the things that you do for fun.

The speed in which your relationship progresses also can let you know that dude is in fact not “all there”. People take time to get to know each other and figure out if the person they are dating are right for them or not. Men are reluctant to just jump into a relationship with a woman fast so when you notice this guy wants to marry you within a week and you can classify him as way too intense, odds are that he can leave you just as fast as he grabbed you and that his feelings for you aren’t real.

He tells you that he can’t read you, and he’s scared at the thought of losing you. I’m not talking about once in a while, I’m talking about him bringing up breaking up and how he doesn’t know what he would do without you, constantly.

He’s negative Nancy, all day every day. He dislikes more people than he likes, including but not limited to strangers. You bring someone up and he makes a face and gives you 14 reasons why he can’t stand this person and this might include your family.

If any of this sounds familiar, or you’ve been through it, you know just how scary it is and just how hard it is to end once it’s started. This man isn’t someone who is worthy of being in a relationship because he isn’t healthy and his goal is to make you just as unhealthy as him. The only thing this type of relationship can do is bring you down and keep you there so get out as soon as possible.

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