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Ballerific Relationships – Sweet Nothing’s By: @milagreee


Talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah. Sweet nothing’s. Nothing is more aggravating than someone who constantly disappoints you by not following through with their word. If a man cannot keep his word quite frankly he has nothing. He can have all the money in the world but a man who does not fulfill the promises he makes is just that, an empty being.

A lot of men like to have women on their back burner in case their current relationship ( that you aren’t made aware of) fail or to ever so often toot their own horn by reaching out to you, spewing a few words and knowing they cause that effect on you. They fill your head with hopes and dreams and tell you what you want to hear. They tell you that you’re meant to be together, that you are their soul mate. No one they have ever met has impacted them like you have. They can picture the two of you becoming a power couple and being on top of the world together.

Then, this man doesn’t follow through. He sets dates that he can’t keep. He apologizes to you and tells you how “it was his mom’s birthday” and he totally forgot when he set the date. Wow, his mom sure has a lot of birthdays. He tells you that he had to work and had no idea. That is, if he even tells you. He knows that you’ll forgive him and he can call you next time he’s feeling lonely to again fill your head with empty promises and you’ll eat each and every one up again, the cycle continues.

The only person they are fooling is you. You allow this continuous, toxic pattern to repeat because you secretly wish he did he feel the way he is telling you that he does. But the bottom line is that deep down inside; you know that if he did, he would cut the talk and take some action. You know that absolutely nothing would stop this otherwise driven and ambitious man when it comes to getting something that he wants. You. If he doesn’t fight for you, or attempt to get you, but is constantly talking about it than maybe he doesn’t want you as bad as he says he does.

The only way to solve this is to flat out tell him that what he’s saying is nonsense. That he needs to show you not tell you. If he doesn’t come through, than you need to decide whether or not you will allow this man to use you for sh*ts and giggles, or if you’ll stand up for yourself and tell him that enough is enough.

Ultimately, the man that wants you will go through what he has to for the woman that he wants. Words aren’t sh*t. You know it, he knows it, and everyone knows it. So stop letting this poor excuse for a man fill your head with empty dreams, because that’s all they are and will ever be. A person can only treat you how you allow them. Don’t let him step on you.


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