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Ballerific Sports: Cam Newton Inks $103.8 Million In Extension With The Panthers: blogged by @niksofly

The Carolina Panthers have reached a deal with star quarterback, Cam Newton. The extension deal sets a record for largest pay out in the first three years. Newton is scheduled to make a record breaking $67.6 million in the first three of his five year extension deal which is worth a total of (wait for it) $103.8 million. Running some numbers, Cam will make a whopping $118.47 mill over the course of six years [that’s if you add his 2015 salary of $14.67 million]. The details of the contract per Adam Schefter’s Twitter includes $22.5 million signing bonus, $7.5 million roster bonus due in the next four days plus a salary of $1 million. It is safe to say Newton will be balling with a $31 million salary for the 2015 season.

The deal has about $60 milion in guarantees meaning if Cam gets injured, he will still be paid a hefty salary to recover. The real question at hand is what does this translate to regarding his peers? Newton’s contract is usually regarded for top performers and while he is a solid QB, he hasn’t performed to his talent potential. Cam Newton can be great and this contract signfies that the Panthers Organization believes in his potential. So if Newton can get $103.8 mill, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks might be able to break the bank. After all he did win a Superbowl and return the following year as a contender for the Super Bowl.



Off Season! Tis the season for crazy contracts or shocking team cuts!


-Niko Rose

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