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Ballerirific Relationships: 6 Tips For Men In Situationships


Yeah naturally, we can blame women for falling for the okie doke and trying to turn a situationship into a relationship, but are they the only ones to blame?

We caution them against the bits of jealousy their “dude” may show and we tell them to listen to his words. However, we let men go without issuing a warning to them.

Let’s be real , f**king with no strings attached is rather hard to do especially if both parties vibe and the sex is amazing.
Often times many find themselves spending more and more time together neglecting other parties.

The drive by penis becomes the in-house d**k. Concerns with how their day went turn into concerns about their lives and both may end up wanting more than the exchange of f**k faces.


Here is a quick guide for men to prevent them from complicating their situations.

1. Stop giving relationship penis to the drive by. Quit screwing chicks like you love them.

2. No kissing. That’s intimate as hell

3. Quit the small talk. You really don’t care about her day or her life outside of the bed. The less you know, the less attached you can be.

4. No cuddling. You aren’t trying to make her comfortable with the idea you two could be an item. Screw her and dip.

5. Stop the jealousy shhh. She has negros and you have bishes. Recognize that shhh ( word to PND)

6. Leave the terms of endearment for the chick you trying to be with. If her momma named her Brittany. Call that girl Brittany. She’s not “Love”. She’s Brittany. You f**k Brittany. You make love to the girl you call, “Love”.

There are a ton more, but you get the point. Now, I’m not saying this is the end- all. Sometimes in situationships you may find yourself a real one. Act accordingly, but for the times you don’t , this should help.

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