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‘BBQ Becky’ Was Evaluated For Involuntary Psychiatric Hold After 911 Call Over Black People and Charcoal

After standing around for two hours to harass a group a black people for #grillingwhileblack, Jennifer Schulte, better known as “BBQ Becky” was evaluated for an involuntary psychiatric hold.



Schulte rose to Internet fame after the 25-minute video, which showed her calling officials to report Kenzie Smith and his friends for using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area, went viral. In fact, the video also showed Schulte’s conversation with police, which included claims of assault and harassment, despite her initial unwanted confrontation.



As she continued her conversation with the police, the operated noted that Schulte “sounds 5150,” which means she may require an involuntary psychiatric hold. By the time she reached the convenience store, where she met officials, police decided to evaluate the distraught caller but eventually believed she did not fit the criteria to be placed under the hold.

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