Beanie Sigel Discusses Fallout With Jay-Z In Latest Drink Champs Episode

Legendary Philly emcee Beanie Sigel sat down for the latest episode of Drink Champs, and it’s safe to say he entered the building, choosing transparency overall.

In the episode, Sigel discusses everything from the lack of substance in modern-day hip-hop to getting into an altercation with Def Jam‘s former President Lyor Cohen. Though, the interview appeared to take an almost mournful turn when Beanie covered his fallout with former boss and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

Sigel described a 2003 court hearing in which he was facing attempted murder and a federal weapons charge. While describing remembering Jay-Z speaking highly of him in court, he also recalls him leaving him hanging. Allegedly, after speaking highly of him, a judge later asked HOV if he was willing to be responsible for Sigel’s whereabouts, and he refused.

“I never been crushed like that in my life,” Sigel describes the feeling of neglect from his former friend. “That fucked me up. That took away a lot of shit that I thought we had. Like, that’s big bro,” continued Sigel. Then adding that as the years passed, he had a change of heart and didn’t blame Jay-Z for responding the way he did. “I believe at that time, Jay was thinking that I was unpredictable. I was bugging. I know I was out of pocket. I was uncontrollable.”

But despite his change of heart, he explained that he still regrets not hashing it out with The Blueprint rapper. “We ain’t never had that conversation,” Sigel said. “I wanted to hear it from him. Like, where was you at? There was a lot that weighed on me. That was fucked up to me. You got to have some kind of communication.”

Hopefully, one day Jay and Sigel can have that heart to heart. After all, nobody wins when the family feuds!


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