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Better trEAT Your Girl Right Or Another Man Will: Get To Know The Cat So Your Woman Can Actually Enjoy Head

Pleasing your mate is essential in a relationship. It’s not just about the physical form but it’s definitely an amazing feeling, if done correctly.

One of the most aggravating and annoying things a man can do is eat the cat and not know what the hell he is doing. Like come on. You licking, rubbing, and sucking it all rough, taking the pleasure and excitement away from the entire experience. Rather than your girl telling your a$$ to get up and just stop, we have a few tips to get you on the right track. But, your girl should definitely tell you what and how she likes it, so that you can improve.
Foreplay and Teasing – This can change a woman’s mood from an amazing time to an okay time. Teasing makes her want you more. You are now
building the anticipation and the increase in her sensitivity. Do NOT start by touching her vagina. Gently kiss and stroke down her body, especially her inner thighs. Let your fingers do some wandering before your lips get there. Gently caress the area around the sweet spot, tracing the lips and folds as you are working your way down her body. Using more than one stimulus is always better than just jumping in. Either way, keep up the teasing.
Once you can tell that she is getting more excited, you can gently touch or kiss her outer area.
Breathe deep hot air onto her slit. (Note: Do NOT “blow” into her vagina, like you would blow out a candle or blow up a balloon. This can cause severe damage to her waterworks).
Go Deeper- Once she is very excited and is pretty much humping and begging for more you can go in further. Do NOT pay attention to her pearl yet.
Part her outer lips with your tongue and run your tongue up and down the layers of her flesh. Begin doing her with your tongue, moving it in and out of her canal. Continue with these actions until she is nearly crazy with lust. She will most likely be trying to pull your head up to her clit.


Finishing The Deed and Achieving Orgasm- It’s time to move in for the finish, and by now you’ll have her shaking in no time. Make sure your mouth, lips and tongue are very very wet. This will increase pleasure because the clit is very sensitive even to the softest of touches. Work your way to licking up her slit until you can find her clit. It may be barely noticable depending on it’s size, but licking in that area will make it rise or swell. When you hit it she will writhe with pleasure.


Gently pull her lips apart and flick her clit with your tongue. Be sure to notice what kind of response you get. There are two main ways to lick the clit, flat tongue (Think Ice cream cone) and pointed tongue (sticking your tongue out at someone) every woman is different, and most have a major preference for one of these methods. Suck on her clit lightly. Observe her reaction and adjust vigor/strength of suction accordingly. Some women hate to have their clits sucked, and it can ruin the whole orgasm she was close to. Use the inside of your bottom lip on her clitoris. This is even softer than your tongue.


Optionally, most women like to be finger-fucked during this process. Insert two fingers into her, slowly at first, then move them in and out of her. This increases her pleasure, giving her more stimulation than normal sex.

Continue and change up these actions accordingly based on her reactions to them. Once she nears orgasm she may push her pelvis up towards your face, go with her movements rather than fighting them. When she’s really going crazy don’t let up on her clit. Most women complain that their significant other stops too soon. Women can have multiple orgasms from this procedure too, so watch out for that as an extremely good indicator of your skill level.


Other Techniques

Peppermint Candies give that zest you’re looking for. Stimulate the G-Spot. This can be a little tricky, but try inserting your middle and ring fingers face up while you’re well into cunnilingus. While still giving full tongue-attention to the clit, rapidly move your hand up and down and in circular motions, applying pressure to the G-Spot. This tends to lend itself to mind-blowing orgasms. Want to make things zesty? Try sticking a peppermint candy in your mouth. Put the candy in your mouth, swirl it around for about 5-10 seconds to get flavor going and don’t swallow all your saliva for it has all the great chemicals from your candy in it! Now gently start eating out your partner, they will soon feel a heightened sensation, become more vibrant and tingly. If there are any irritations, then stop immediately and have your partner wash herself.(This usually is never the case but you never know).

If you’re really adventerous, go out and buy an edible massage oil and use some before you go down for your snack. Many massage oils like Kama Sutra oil will produce a warming sensation that is hightened by blowing on it. This can put her on the edge before your tongue leaves your mouth.

You like ice? Well, this little exercise is for the couple that wants to try something new and is willing to get a little cold! Take an ice cube, try to have small ice cubes and maybe play with the ice cube in your mouth first to round off any edges that your cube has, then take the cube and run it down her stomach, circle the belly button and then progress south. She will squirm a bit at first but rub the ice cube around her outer lips first and then progress to circling the clitoris. She will squirm more but should start to really like it, it will numb things down, eat her out or finger her while doing this exercise. Be sure to adjust your pace from slow to fast. You can even engage in sex at this point. Some like to put the ice cube into their partner’s vagina and have sex with the ice cube in. This gives a rapid heating and cooling effect.

Vibrate it out and I don’t mean with a vibrator! Start this technique by having your partner lie down on the bed, then with your partner’s legs flat out, you go to the side of her legs and eat her out sideways, so you should be like a T to her legs. Now start giving great oral sex, start vigorously humming a tune or a monotone, with a lot of deep notes. This will cause your mouth to vibrate, and just like a vibrator, will provide added stimulation.You can also growl into the woman’s clitoris. This provides a vibration and can also turn her on with you acting more dominant or aggressive.


Practice makes perfect. Don’t assume you know what she wants. Pay attention your girl’s body and reactions. When/If you learn to do it correctly with your woman, she’ll never want to leave you because it’s a skill only a few people truly have.

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