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Discussion: Do Big Girls Need a Self-Esteem Booster?

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that claimed Usher had discussed the details of his relationship with Quantasia Sharpton with his friends. Although the singer reportedly admitted that he may have brought Sharpton on stage, he was adamant in his denial of their sexual relations.

Sharpton has been the only woman to show her face through the allegations and has received the most attention. More attention about being a big girl than the actual allegation.

Usher reportedly told his inner circle that he absolutely did not have sex with Sharpton because she isn’t his type. Although he doesn’t remember bringing Sharpton onstage back in 2014, he may have because he likes to bring a “diverse group” of people up as a “esteem booster,”  the singer said in reference to Sharpton.

There are many people that feel that big girls have low self-esteem because of their size. There are many big girls that love their size and don’t mind. Many have lots of confidence in themselves and show it on a daily.

So because they are big, they can’t pull a man? Absolutely not. Believe it or not, there are plenty of men that love BBW (Big Beautiful Women).

To see what others think, we decided to ask our Twitter followers the following question:

Do you think big girls need a self-esteem booster?

A few of our followers said, “Yes because most men only show love to big girls in private. They are not worth showing to the public”

“I am plus size and I have high self-esteem thanks to my parents.”

“If you ask me, big girls have less relationship issues than so called regular-sized and skinny chicks.”

It looks like everyone’s views are different on how they perceive big women. Do you feel big girls need self-esteem boosters? If you say yes, you’re part of the problem.


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  1. If ask me these big b!tches got to much self esteem already. One big b!tch gon’ try and hold back some of her tax money earlier this year talking about her son need braces. I had to to cuss her fat greasy a$$ out and then I cussed out her crooked mouth a$$ son for good measure. You big b!tches better run those taxes and that EBT card because as the great over-rated rapping philosopher Kendrick said this d!ck ain’t free.

    • Sex is NEVER free! There is always a price to be paid in some form from each party. Just depends on what you’re willing to do/pay. Dates/talking, spending time. And who out here paying for the D? Mud ducks? Females with 5 kids by 6 men? F that! Ladies you better go find you a Juan first! D is FREE!!! And that Mexican man will stand on the side of the road and sell oranges for his, ijs, ninja’s leave you high and dry! Ninja’s ain’t SNOT!
      She done F’d it up for the rest of big girls that attend his concerts from here on out. He was trying to be nice and show diversity in the women he pulls on stage, bet he won’t do that no more! And big girls now have Ms. Sharpton to thank for that.

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