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Birdman Plans Cash Money Tour Without Lil Wayne


Birdman is determined to have Cash Money take over for the 17 and 2018, so he’s planning a reunion tour. He’s so confident in this tour that he believes he will make more money than Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion, with or without the help of Lil Wayne.


The Cash Money Tour will consist of Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Turk, some of Birdman’s up-and-coming talent, and Birdman himself. Obviously BG won’t be able to attend, he’s currently on vacation (jail), and for obvious reasons (money) you won’t be seeing a set from Lil Wayne either.


Sources say Birdman has been planning this tour to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of Cash Money Records.  According to Google, Cash Money was founded in 1991, which means they would have missed the 20 year mark. However, the Hot Boys were formed in 1997. In 1998 their success propelled and they caught the eye of Universal Records. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.


Cash Money has a ton of hits.  Would you check out the tour sans Lil Wayne?

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  1. Juvenile dont fuckin do it dri mannie fresh dont do it bro. Fuck bird man in the ass with no vasoline!

  2. How tf you plan a cash money tour without wayne???

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