Birthday Ballers – 10 Big Sean Tracks That Made Me A Supa Dupa Fan

On this day we’d like to wish Big Sean a very happy 28th birthday. As a huge fan of Big Sean’s work since ‘UKNOWBIGSEAN’ I feel like it’s only right we celebrate Louis Vuitton Sean by highlighting 10 of my all time favorite songs by him. If you’re not a fan of this Detroit Player, these tracks just may convert you. 

1. Big Sean  – “Supa Dupa Lemonade”

As a fan of Gucci Mane and the “Lemonade” track, I was really excited to here Sean freestyle over this cut. He did not disappoint whatsoever. To this day the wordplay on “Supa Dupa Lemonade” has been unmatched, even by Sean himself. This song remains one of my all time Big Sean songs and whenever I put someone on to his music, this is the first song I lead with.

2. Big Sean – “What You Doin (Bullsh*ttin)”

This is the song that made me a Big Sean stan. I was a fan before but this is definitely THE song that made me realize it was bigger than that. Back in 2010, when I saw him on tour twice, this was the song he would close the show out with. I remember vividly how hype I would get.


3. Big Sean ft. Keely  – “Love Story”

One of the standout ‘UKNOWBIGSEAN’ tracks. Keely’s soulful voice was amazing. To me, this song was part of a trilogy. It was followed by “Love Song” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.” Others may not feel that way, but I truly feel all three of those songs are part of one large story.

4. Big Sean ft. Suai- “Love Song”

See above, it was part of a necessary story.

5. Big Sean – “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”

See above as well lol

6. Big Sean ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla Sign – “Play No Games”

Upon purchasing Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” album, the first song that I was instantly drawn to was “Play No Games.” The 90’s sample and the overall feel of the song was so refreshing. This was definitely a redemption song/album for Big Sean and he came back swinging! The video only sealed the deal. Who doesn’t love a good MARTIN reference?

7. Big Sean ft. Pharrell – “Get It”

I used to play this song to motivate me to get up and go get it! Pharrell was a perfect addition to this song, from his feature to production. It all just worked out perfectly. 

8. Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko – “I Know”

This was another stand out track from “Dark Sky Paradise” produced by DJ Mustard and featuring Jhene Aiko. The darkness in the song is unexplainable. It’s one of those songs you can ride to, sip to, and twerk to. The video was super cute too. 

9. Big Sean ft. E40 – “IDFWU”

After Big Sean broke up with his girl he poured all the tea on wax and it was music to our ears. Who knew that a man’s personal pain could be transformed into a club banger? 

10. Big Sean ft. Mike Posner, Clinton Sparks – “Ambiguous” 

As you can tell by now, Finally Famous Vol: 3 was my favorite mixtape/project of Sean’s. You couldn’t pay me to take this tape out of rotation, and “Ambiguous” was just the icing on the cake. I’m not sure what happened to Mike Posner after that, though.

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