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Birthday Ballers: Top 10 Baby Making Songs From R. Kelly That Still Gets You In The Mood

On this day, we would like to wish the ever so talented R. Kelly a Happy 51st Birthday. To celebrate his birthday, we have compiled a list of 10 baby-making songs from R. Kelly that still gets you in the mood. When it comes to music, R. Kelly is super talented with the vocals and songwriting skills. Kelly has released thirteen studio albums, five compilation albums, one soundtrack album, six video albums, one mixtape, one extended play, one hundred and nineteen singles (including forty-seven and a featured artist) and ten promotional singles.

There’s no doubt that R. Kelly is talented with his amazing videos turned into short films. Not only did he bring us Mr. Biggs but he brought us Trapped in the Closet and amazing records.


Lets check out some of the songs in no particular order below:


12 Play was released in 1993 and was definitely a song that got you popped, if your parents caught you singing the lyrics. I mean the lyrics are explicit and guaranteed to make a baby when played.

1 We’ll go to my room for fun
2 Then I’ll say give me your tongue
3 Cause tonight I’m gonna fulfill your fantasy yeah
4 Lie down on the floor
5 Cannot wait to cum inside
6 Anything that’s broken, I’ll fix
7 Spread your legs apart
8 Feel me, I’m so hard
9 See I want you from behind, with that bump and grind yeah
10 Baby climb on top of me
11 Up and down we’ll go you’ll see
12 And that’s when I go down on my knees giving you some of my 12 Play


Bump and Grind was self-explanatory. I mean in the opening he clearly tells you like it is. There is nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.

See I know just what you want
And I know just what you need girl
So baby bring your body to me (bring your body here)
I’m not fooling around with you baby
My love is true (with you) with you is where I want to be (girl, see)


You Remind Me of Something was released in 1995 off of his self-titled album. Many was unsure if they wanted to be referred to as a car but we all know R. Kelly loves his metaphors. In his autobiography he states that, “The song is a compliment to women, not an insult. We fellas love our jeeps.”

It’s something about your love that’s got me going crazy
Baby, you know I want you real bad
And girl I really like your freaky style
How can I be down with you?
So get a little closer to my ride
I wanna get to know you lady
And hip me up on how to get inside you

“It Seems Like You Are Ready” was the song of the 90’s off of the 12 Play album. In the late 90’s, the song was a hit in the movie ‘Players Club.’ Diamond a.k.a as Lisa Raye came out on this song like no other in her pink lingerie giving the audience a show to remember.

I can smell your perfume
Step into my bedroom
Let me love you constantly
Oh, oh, your body is my playground
Let me lick you up and down
Make you feel like a woman should

Ignition– The original was a slower version of the remix. If you did not know how to relate a key to the ignition with sex, by the end of this song it was a lot clearer.

Girl, please-
Let me stick my key in your ignition, babe
So I can get this thing started and get rollin’, babe
See I’ll be doin’ about 80 on your freeway
Girl, I won’t stop until I drive you crazy
So buckle up cause this can get bumpy, babe
Now hit the lights and check out all my functions, babe
Girl, back that thing up so I can wax it, baby
Honey, we gon’ mess around and get a ticket

Ignition Remix – I guess you can say Kelly loves him some cars.

Now I’m not tryin’ to be rude
But hey pretty girl I’m feelin’ you
The way you do the things ya do
Reminds me of my Lexus coupe
That’s why I’m all up in ya grill
Tryin’ to get you to a hotel
You must be a football coach
The way you got me playin’ the field

Half On A Baby did it again with the metaphors letting you know how bad he wants your body and to give you a baby. “You are like a baseball field, wanna hit a home run.”

Now tell me what the deal is
Are you ready to bump
It’s gonna take a lifetime
To give you all of this love
So baby, open up
And get ready to receive
A miracle of love
Gettin’ down wit me
Like a baseball field
Wanna hit a home run
Me and you get together babe
And raise a little one


Your Body’s Callin’ was also a hit off the 12 Play album. This was the artist’s third single from the album. The song was extremely successful and sampled by the late Notorious B.I.G- Unbelievable.

I hear you callin’, Here I come baby
To save you, oh oh, baby no more stalling
These hands have been longing to touch you baby

And now that you’ve come around, to seeing it my way
You won’t regret it baby, and you surely won’t forget it baby
It’s unbelievable how your body’s calling for me
I can just hear it callin’, callin’ for me

Sex Me was featured on the 12 Play album in 1993. The song was graphic, so imagine listening to this as a child. The imagination is at all time high. Talk about freaky! Now that we are older, we understand that we had no business listening…lol

Baby, take off your clothes and come on
Turn off the lights cause girl it’s on
Now that we are all alone
I want you to sex me

Yeah, now be a good time
To put your hands on those dukes and get closer
Here we go

Now let me feel your body next to mine
I wanna see you sweat, girl, you’re so very wet, yes
Now put me inside of you, do what you wanna do


The Greatest Sex was featured on R. Kelly’s TP-2 album. This was one of the best albums of his with many hits. You can’t go wrong by popping this album in today, well unless you are trying to have a baby.


What would you add to the list?


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  1. Absolutely not! This is not the time to celebrate R Kelly, for anything! Not even his bday. Until we, the African American community, can get some clarity as to his treatment of the young women that enter into his home and stay for long periods of time, we should reserve our applauses.

  2. For real BA? Y’all celebrating a Pedo’s bday? Are you trying to lose readers?! Cuz unless you remove this, I’m gone. I’ve been a pretty faithful reader til today. Y’all REALLY had me fooled.

  3. Unapologetic_Me_V

    Absolutely! Personal drama aside–cuz not ONE of us is perfect, R Kelly’s music is BOSS. ‘Seems Like You’re Ready’ & ’12 Play’ are my faves on this list. Yasss his hits have assisted lots of procreation in recent years LOL

  4. Trash! Throw the whole damn site away! Support for this filth speaks volumes. R Kelly told you who he was 17 years ago and yet, people are giving this waste a pass to prey on someone else’s child. Sad that some of us refuse to get it. Black women, black girls, black pain, black lives have to mean something.

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