Blac Chyna Granted Restraining Order After Detailing Abuse; Rob Claims He Was Also Assaulted

Blac Chyna and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, took to the courthouse this morning to face off against Rob Kardashian’s lawyer Robert Shapiro. The result was the judge ruling in Blac Chyna’s favor for a temporary restraining order.


However, prior to that, Rob says Chyna assaulted him the day she moved out of their home in December. A source told TMZ that on the day in question, Chyna tried to choke him with an iPhone charging cable and tried to hit him with a metal rod. Rob says she also smashed televisions, doors and other items, causing $35k in damage. On Snapchat, Rob showed the aftermath, yet only detailing that Chyna had left the home while he was away, took the kids, all of the furniture and rid the pantry and refrigerator of all the food.


Blac Chyna, on the other hand, detailed multiple incidents involving abuse, including one in April where she claims Rob punched her and knocked her to the ground. She says she ran to her bedroom but Rob punched a hole through the door to get at her. She also says she has photos and video to back up her claims. Chyna fears that after his most recent cyber attacks, she is afraid it “will lead to increased irrational behavior and that he might harm her in his anger.”


Blac Chyna tells the judge that she is “terrified” of her ex and that he’s also threatened to kill himself with a firearm that he owns.


The judge granted Blac Chyna’s request for a restraining order. Rob Kardashian’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, did not contest.



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