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Black Army Sergeant Faces Felony Assault Charge For Defending Herself Against Racist Road-Rager

U.S. Army sergeant Kai Waters faces a felony assault charge in connection to a road rage incident in Elizabethtown, Ky., earlier this year, according to local station WAVE 3. Although she was not the aggressor, Waters was arrested after she stabbed a woman that followed her to a gas station and attacked her in a fit of road rage.

Waters shared her side of the story via Facebook, where she explained she was driving home when she noticed a woman driving aggressively behind her. The woman seemingly wanted her and another driver to move out of the fast lane. “She started honking her horn and pulled next to me,” Waters recalled. She said the woman then rolled down her window and began shouting racial slurs at her. “She called me a black b**ch, and said ‘your kind.’ ‘I’m so tired of your people’ and all this.”

Waters said the woman bumped her car, forcing her to pull over at a gas station. Surveillance footage from the store shows Waters pulling up, with the woman right behind her. Waters sat in her car with the door open as she dialed 911 when the woman came up to her car and assaulted her. “I told her you know I’m on the phone with the 911,” Waters told WAVE 3. “The operator can hear you.” 

Sergeant Waters said she grabbed the knife she received as a military honor and stabbed the woman in the leg with it. Police arrived while she was still on the phone with 911 dispatchers and that’s when the woman started crying out for help. Waters said the police immediately assumed she was the attacker because of her age and race and refused to hear her side of the story.

A spokesperson for the Elizabethtown Police Department said the investigation is finished and no comments will be made regarding Waters’ allegations of mistreatment. It’s now up to a grand jury to decide if she’ll be indicted. In the meantime, Waters has been suspended from her job at Fort Knox while the case is pending and could face military charges later as well. But according to Fort Knox Lt. Col. Alicia Masson, Fort Knox is standing by their soldier. 

“SFC Waters is a professional and was chosen from our entire field to come to Fort Knox and represent our Corps after an intense vetting process. She’s a trusted leader, and this turn of events is in total contradiction to her performance and character.”

Waters said she filed a complaint against the woman, but authorities have yet to put it into effect.

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