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Black Michigan Man’s Truck Vandalized with the Words “Ni**er,” and Swastikas

A #BlackLivesMatter activist woke up to find his truck had been vandalized with hateful messages written on it.

On Tuesday morning, Hubert Roberts was just about to start his day but was shocked when he saw his truck had been spray-painted with swastikas and words that read “Ni**er” and “Wite Pride.” In addition, Roberts’ 2011 Chevrolet Silverado had red shoelaces hanging from the rearview mirror which Roberts says is a sign of threat and initiation by the Ku Klux Klan.

Roberts then took photos of the vehicle and sent them to his step-daughter who happens to be the founder and publisher of the Flint Beat. She spoke with USA Today and expressed how overwhelmed with emotion she was, especially with the incident happening on Juneteenth, a day that is recognized as the Black American Independence Day.

“Now I get it,” Roberts said. “People get upset about other people’s views and how they feel,” Johnson said in a Facebook Live video “But that gives no one the right to damage someone else’s property or come on anyone’s property.”

Flint, Michigan’s police department were unable to dust the truck for fingerprints due to the rain the night prior. However, the sheriff says if those responsible are caught he will make sure the incident becomes a teachable moment and that the damages are paid for.

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