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“Black Panther” Inspires Developers Of African Heritage Theme Park

Black Panther” connected the Black community through its portrayal of Black culture, tradition, and lineage. The film has not only created a movement but also motivated a theme park dedicated to Black history and heritage.

Heritage City – The African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park Project is a production that was started back in 2004 by a group of Africans and African-Americans. The organization has already funded a business plan and conceptual designs, according to BlackNews.com.

The designs of the theme park include rides and other attractions that feature ancient African Kingdoms and Empires such as Songhai-Mali, Benin, Ghana, Kush and Egypt. Developers plan to intertwine education and entertainment for the visitor experience.

Heritage City was originally supposed to open in Nigeria but the production was delayed due to differences amongst developers. However, since the release of #RyanCoogler’s “Black Panther,” the project is now gaining attention from several developers who’d like to have a Heritage City in other locations like China, Europe, and North America.

As for now, there is no exact timeline for when the park will be built.

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