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Black Women Murdered at Higher Rates than Any Other Race Due to Intimate Partner Violence

According to a new report published Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of female homicide victims are killed in connection to domestic violence also known as intimate partner violence. Women of color have falling victim to these cases at the highest rates.

More than 55 percent of the deaths counted were related to partner violence, with a vast majority of the cases being carried out by a male partner. “Intimate partner violence can affect anyone … it really just shows that [this] is a public health problem,” says Emiko Petrosky, a science officer at the CDC and an author of the report.

“Black women are killed at a rate of 4.4 per 100,000 people, and indigenous women at a rate of 4.3 per 100,000; while every other race has a homicide rate of between 1 and 2 per 100,000,” NPR reports.

Cindy Southworth, the executive vice president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, tells Bustle that the only solution for ending this epidemic is to address race relations and inequality in general. “If we want to end domestic violence and domestic homicide we must also end unconscious institutional racism and other barriers that impact survivors,” Southworth said.

She added, “Our organization envisions a world where no one experiences domestic terrorism in the home, and that survivors know that reaching out for help will not activate a disparate response by the justice system due to the race or ethnicity of the abusive partner.”

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  1. Public health problem? Don’t you mean this is a community issue? The black society has crumbled (don’t argue with me look at worldstar), we need to teach our daughters better and want better for ourselves. Staying with men that cheat and beat just cause you don’t want to be alone. I hate to hear a woman with kids talk about how lonely she is. Bitch! Pay more attention to your kids then!!! How the F you lonely when you can talk to your child? Oh, you don’t want to sleep alone? Get a body pillow! You want adult time? SMH most females keep a mental line up of Ex’s they can just have a little fun with. And if all your past Ex’s is no good then it’s time NOT to blame the men but look in the mirror and ask yourself why do you keep picking these type of men? Work on yourself, love you and your kids! Men will be there! Try a totally different type! If you attract one type it’s you and work on yourself so that kind of energy is no longer attracted to you. I know what I’m talk about too! #experience

    • Black women aren’t being murdered by their partners because they’re lonely, they’re being murdered by their partners because their partners are MURDERERS. Period. Damn, even in death, the black woman gets no love. Why is she a bitch because she’s lonely? Paying (more, as you claim) attention to her children does NOT take away the lonliness of being in an ADULT relationship. Why would you assume that she doesn’t pay attention to her children because she’s lonely? Do you even ADULT? Do you understand the difference between being lonely for ADULT companionship and being a PARENT? Do you know that a mother can be a GREAT parent to her child and STILL crave companionship with a man? Do you know that it’s not either or? How dare you imply that a woman who wants to be in a relationship doesn’t love herself? I mean, since you claim #Experience and whatnot. I lost my cousin two years ago to domestic violence from a man that she was no longer in a relationship with. I, myself, am a survivor of domestic violence and there are NO children involved. And I ABSOLUTELY love myself. And I love all of my beautiful Black sisters.

      The bottom line up front is that Black women are being MURDERED by their intimate partners and instead of kicking them when they’re down, literally, shift the damn focus back on the deserved target: Their killers. Stop policing up Black women who are being killed and start policing up the men who kill!

      You’re echoing the same type of bullshit sentiments that survivors hear. It’s no more a Black woman’s fault that she was murdered than it is a rape survivors fault that she was raped.

    • I agree with you but why is it called intimate partners say what it is it is domestic violence let’s not turn it down with some fancy name We need to stop with telling women they only have value is when they have a man in their lives We are teaching black women there only value is if they have a partner which is not true Any man is not good enough Teach our daughters that someone who loves you doesn’t hate you verbally or physically abuse you or try and control That shit is not cute

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