Blacks Can’t Protest Sh!t



It’s quite humorous and enraging in the same breath that the very “thing” soldiers have died and fought for has limitations to a certain demographic- blacks. Millions have sacrificed for our freedoms, but when you’re black those freedoms have parameters.

You see, blacks can’t protest shhh. In fact, society would probably be ecstatic if we sat back and just let our concerns go unheard. However, anyone else can protest and have full support.

Feminism –support. Encouragement. Power to Women. It’s totally acceptable.
LGBTQ Rights–totally up for discussion.
Animal Welfare- you better not do anything to Fido or Mr. Cat. Scruffy has more rights than blacks. Ask Michael Vick. However, local agencies and the Department of Justice negates the obvious.

So blacks take to the streets and voice our concerns. Some of us boycott businesses and try to funnel the economic wealth back into our communities to ensure we are represented properly. Others like #JemeleHill use their platforms to educate and create a dialogue or system of thinking that challenges the very thing others have “fought for,” yet they’re reprimanded.

If we kneel, it’s a problem. If we march, it’s an issue. We protest social injustice, it’s a big deal. We try to promote self sufficiency, the audacity. We riot. The nerve of those thugs as if those college kids that destroy areas AFTER a WIN are angels. If we hold peaceful demonstrations or speak against it, someone will object. Why are they doing that? The only thing we are ever encouraged to do is to take it. And somehow, that seems fair.

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