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Bobby V Denies Knowing Woman Was Trans; Says He’s Being Extorted

Over the weekend, singer Bobby V was accused of soliciting a transgender escort off of Backpage, but refused to pay for the services rendered. In a video that has since gone viral, the trans woman is seen calling out Bobby V for not paying her, while the singer sprints out of the room half naked.


Other than turning the comments off on Instagram, and posting a caption saying that he’s happy, the singer has remained pretty mum about the situation. Now, according to TMZ, he has offered up a bit of explanation.


First and foremost, Bobby V denies that the person he hooked up with was a prostitute. In fact, he says he is being extorted by the person who caught him on video. A rep for Bobby V says, “Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.”


Bobby doesn’t mention how he knows this person, or where he knows this person from, but says he became a victim once the person realized who he was.


As for the person being transgender, Bobby V says he had no idea.

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  1. I got video that proves bobby valentino loves pussy that trans is lying. I know him personally when he comes to Cincinnati. He never ask for hookers always leaves with 4 to 5 chicks to fuck from a club. I got video of him fucking 5 chicks at once and one comes on her period yuke right but that sounds like a pussy lover to me. So, I know by his body that it was him in the video but, I know him, he was shook and running off cause what he thought was a women wasn’t. Bobby loves pussy he comes here a lot to perform at boxing matches and always wants women never ever has he eyeballed a nigga nor asked to hook up with a nigga. No ever asked for a prostitute. If, He liked men then he would of been trying to fuck one at a boxing match. nah instead he always wants women. He cool peoples a lil sex hungry if you ask me but he coo peoples. It pisses me off to see people expose him on some fake shit. I’ve got videos. I’ve held onto for years of a lot of celebs but this sex tape, I got I never leaked because a girl in the video came on her period plus he cool peoples I don’t typically expose people I’m coo wit but now it seems like a good thing to leak to clear his name . My buddy ain’t no trans lover he a pussyaholic fuck anything with a pussy as long as he knows its not a man. That’s why he ran and that trans prolly didn’t tell him til after his clothes came off and shook bobby to leave. The trans prolly tried to say some shit like, I need some money now or I’m going to expose you as a trans lover. And bobby ain’t on that shit at all. I know for a fact that bobby v does not I repeat not ever pay for pussy he makes that very clear with any female or females that he has fucked from here in Ohio. I work with fellow concert and club promoters to cater to any celebs that come through here and bobby is one of the many that comes here a lot. And has never paid nor offered to pay for any pussy that I know of. He makes it very clear and has turned down females that was asking for money so this trans story is bullshit off top. I’ve seen him in a room with 5 chicks numerous times and he does this same thing each time he goes to a chicks crib or brings them to his room , as soon as he gets there he turns off all the lights in the rooms. So that makes me know he had to be fooled by this trans. It should be a form of rape for them trans to keep doing this shit to people. People deserve to know upfront if they had a sex change. Don’t ask how I got video but I do I’ve never fucked him but could of just wasn’t my type but very cool person .that nigga ain’t gay might of been fooled a few times which is not hard with how much different stuff they change on their body’s today.

    • But it says the aid was on the tranny side of back page an he admited she was a proustite…on top of that…i seen the vidro with him an lil scrappy in a room full of trans..an a few i know thats very open about being trans an the world knows it to….soooo…theres something behind that…

    • loving pussy dont mean you dont love dick.

    • Thats why its called on the DL. You can fuck as many women you want but still get your itch scratched by a tranny on the downlow in secret.

    • That doesn’t mean anything him fucking 5 girls at once doesn’t mean he just likes females. I know him as well, but something’s were just a red flag when I was around him.

  2. Base on the matter thats up for discussion!Hunny no one is trying to steal that joy……people wanna steal your joy lol of hanging with trannies !

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