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‘The Boondocks’ Predicts An Oprah Winfrey Presidency In 2006 Episode “Return Of The King”

Like many of the craziest/biggest moments in history, an Oprah2020 campaign was predicted in an episode of an adult cartoon series. From the prediction of Trump’s presidential campaign in ‘The Simpsons’ to Bruce Jenner’s transformation in ‘Family Guy,’ adult animated cartoons have been on point for the last several years.

Now, amid the talk of Oprah’s potential presidential campaign, a connection between this morning’s headlines and a scene from a 2006 episode of Adult Swim’s ‘The Boondocks’ has surfaced. Just twelve years ago, the show predicted a Winfrey Presidency with a newspaper that read, “November 8, 2020. Oprah Winfrey Elected President.”
In the episode, which is the 9th of the first season, Huey Freeman tells an alternate version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Titled, “Return of the King”, Freeman says instead of being killed, King slips into a coma for 32 years. In 2000, he wakes up and heads to vote in the presidential election but is turned away.
As the episode continued, Huey showed King how the culture plummeted after his shooting, as everyone was waiting for him to come back. So, Huey convinced him to reach out to the public again. But, disappointed in their ignorance, King set the record straight, just before revealing that he was leaving the country. That was the last time Huey saw King. At the end of the episode, the newspaper revealed that the year was now 2020. King had died at the age of 91 and Oprah has been elected President.

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