Bow Wow Says He Never Wants To Get Married: “Hell No…I Have To Be Single”

Marriage isn’t for everyone, and Bow Wow is officially claiming to be one of those people.

Fans have grown up listening to Bow for years, and with that, followers have also witnessed his dating journey. The Ohio native has been in several well-known relationships with celebs, including singer Ciara, Angela Simmons and more. During a launch event for a new business venture, he talked about his previous romances.

“My lifestyle is not normal. I have been engaged twice. I have a daughter… I tried to work things out with my daughter’s mother; it is just not me.” When asked if there was ever a woman that “got away,” Bow said single life is where he’d rather be. “Hell no…I have to be single.” He added, “Any woman that comes around me has to understand that I am going to have multiple women around me.”

Bow, whose legal name is Shad Moss, just recently left a relationship with “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Kiyomi Leslie. 

Bow was recently seen with a new lady, which stirred the rumors that he may be dating again. Kiyomi said in an interview that being in a relationship with the rapper was difficult.

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