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Bow Wow Sticks Up For Lil Tay’s Flexing Gone Wrong

BowWow says that we need to cut Instagram flexer, Lil Tay, some slack. When her mother’s boss announced that most of the houses, cars, and money she was caught red-handed flexing with were not hers, social media immediately went in on her.

They talked about her so much that it made her sad and she posted a response video crying. TMZ caught up with Bow Wow last week in Georgia during a music video shoot and he gave his take on Lil Tay’s extensive Bow Wow challenge stunt.

He claims that she is just putting on a “role” for her fans to play into! “A lot of people they make a lot of money on Instagram for certain things, so… she was probably just wanting to entertain the world,” he said.
Do you feel like Lil Tay’s #BowWowChallenge stunt was cool for the gram or does it still seem highly ridiculous?

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