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“Brain” So Good You Know I Went To College

“I used to be scared of the d*ck. Now I throw lips to the shit, handle it like a real b***h.” – Lil Kim

Giving head can be best described as the oral sex act using your mouth and/or throat. It can please both parties but many women feel hesitant about it because there was a time when giving head was taboo and rarely talked about. Now, don’t go turning up your noses and clutching your pearls as if I’m telling you to go “slob on the nob,” but for the sexually mature let’s ponder on this topic.

It is pretty much common knowledge that all men (well maybe majority) want “head.” Remember, when it comes to giving head practice makes perfect (just choose responsibly). Research, relax, take deep breaths, start slow then pick up the pace, visualize yourself in the act and most importantly own that sh*t.

You want to also make sure to enjoy it while you’re doing it or at least make sure he does. Girl own that d*ck before you even put it in your mouth. Massage it, stroke it, get to know it and make it pulsate before you slide your mouth on it. Make sure though that when you do you bring him in for the home run.

Catching or swallowing the home run and playing with his balls is like a cherry on top. Depending on your level of freak they can be in your hand or mouth, you decide. However, cherries always taste better in your mouth! Just watch your teeth.

Now let’s clarify: I’m not telling you to do anything you don’t want to nor am I telling you that you have to. However, I will say what you wont do someone else will.

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