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Britney Spears’ Ex Kevin Federline Wants More Child Support Money After Her Recent Las Vegas Show Success

#BritneySpears’ legal team received a notice from her ex-husband, #KevinFederline asking for more child support money amid her recent success.

This Thursday, Federline had his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan send a letter to the “Gimme More” singer asking to discuss Federline and Spears’ current monthly financial arrangement as it pertains to child support – in other words, Federline said, “Gimme More.”
Back in 2007, Federline and Spears called it quits after just three years of marriage. Federline then took custody of their two sons, Jayden and Sean. At the time, Brit could only pay $20,000 a month in child support because of her lack of work due to her mental breakdown – which affected new opportunities.
Now that Britney is bringing in more bank, especially with her Las Vegas residency, which earns her $475,000 per show and totals out to $15 million a year, Federline feels his allowance should be raised. His defense is he has majority custody of the kids and now that Spears makes more money, she should make sure the kids’ lives are financially balanced between the two parents. Federline also mentions that he’s been very considerate of her schedule and has traveled to shows so she could be with their kids.
Both Federline and his lawyer recently met up in Hollywood to go over their plans for Spears but would not disclose any information.

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  1. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! He get’s enough money already and what is he doing to add to his children’s lives? A good financial advisor and legal team could make this go away! Plus what is he doing for his kid’s with the girl from Moesha???

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