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Bucs’ Gerald McCoy Thinks “It’s Going To Be An Uproar” If Players Are Forced to Stand

Just one day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to the league’s 32 teams in an attempt to “move past” the controversy surrounding the national anthem protest. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman #GeraldMcCoy weighed in on the letter, saying there may “be an uproar” if NFL players are forced to stand for the national anthem. ⠀⠀

Although Goodell made it clear that he wants players to stand for the anthem, he did not say it would be required of the players. Instead, he ensured that the league would allow players to “include such elements as an in-season platform to promote the work of our players on these core issues.”

However, McCoy doesn’t think that will sit well with the rest of the guys.

“I don’t think [the] guys are gonna like it,” McCoy said on Adam Schefter’s “Know Them From Adam” podcast, when asked about the possible reaction of the players. “I think it’s gonna be an uproar if that is to happen because you’re basically taking away a constitutional right to freedom of speech. If guys wanna have a, I guess you would call it a peaceful protest, I don’t think it’s right to take that away,” he said, although he does not plan on being involved in the protest.⠀⠀⠀⠀

What are your thoughts?

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