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Buku Abi Fires Back After R. Kelly Posts Birthday Video: ”My Name Is Buku Abi. Not Joann”

Buku Abi, the 21-year-old daughter of R. Kelly, has seemingly replied to his Instagram post in which he wished her a ‘Happy Birthday.’ After his video was posted earlier this week, Buku requested that no one, refer to her as “Joann.”

She posted the message to her Instagram story. Although it wasn’t directed to anyone specifically, it seemed to be a message meant for Kelly, who sang “Happy Birthday to my daughter, Joann” in his original post.

“My name is BUKU ABI. Not Joann, not jojo, not ‘[space] daughter,'” Buku insisted. “Nothing besides Buku will work for me. If you don’t know me personally, please don’t call me anything but Buku or Buku Abi.”

Buku and siblings, along with her mother Andrea Kelly, were just announced as added to the cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” for the show’s upcoming season but producers have already declared that the family of the embattled singer don’t want R. Kelly to be the focal point of their storyline on the WE tv series.

Buku will instead use the show’s platform to chronicle her aspiring singing career as she sets out to make a name for herself. 


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  1. Your name is Joann and if you don’t want to use his name why are you on growing up hip hop you momma didn’t do shit but shake her ass in hip hop videos and lie on her husband your daddy but y’all growing up hip hop if it wasn’t for R.Kelly you wouldn’t even be known hope your singing career flops just like your mom’s tired as dance moves

    • What u said Nikki couldn’t have said it any better

      • You all are so stupid… I’m pretty sure that child knows that her mom was her daddy back up dancer… did u live in the house with them…no you didnt… to know what’s the truth or a lie…she said what her name was, if her mother dont correct her n agree with the name who are you pple to say. She is old enough to have her own voice and mother had a right to divorce him. As for her money you all need to do research… then you have the nerve to be bitter about somebody else’s life… check your own…it dont matter if they public #littleheadfools

    • Why so angry? Do you know the family?

    • Exactly she is full of shit she looking for attention

    • That’s right Nikki and tell her video stragg of ah mother give Kelly his name back sense he so fucking awful

  2. She was born into this world as his mom’s namesake, and she will leave the world the same way!! Her birth certificate states “JoAnn Kelly” and that is who she will always be!! Honor thy mother and thy FATHER and thy days will be long! She better stop being so disrespectful!!

  3. She is an Idiot and very unfrateful

  4. Will not be watching Growing up Hip Hop ATL anymore. BooBoo Bye. I could respect u better if u just didnt say nothing at all. U & ur mom tryin ur best to cash yall’s butt in on ur father’s fame! The diff being Kellz was/is a musical Genius (right or wrong, cant take that from him) where as I haven’t hear/read anything yet if ur “rising star” abilities. Pls have a seat.

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