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Bun B Says Hurricane Harvey is “Worse Than Everyone Thought It Was Going To Be”

Bun B, the UnderGround Kingz rapper, made it known that no amount of money can help the people of Houston.


“They don’t need money right now. They need someone with a boat to come save their lives.”


He continued to say, “We need shallow water boats that can get into these communities and get people out. There are hundreds of families right now as we’re talking, stuck in the attics of their homes and on the roofs of their houses and on the top floors of their buildings right now. They’re stuck right now. Phones are dead. Finally the sun is up, so they can get on the roof and get out somewhere and start waving to make people aware. But it’s all about if somebody’s got a boat in your neighborhood. All the money in the world can’t help these people.”


The Houston native also expressed his issue with insufficient warnings that were given and the lack of information provided to residents of Houston. He believes that more people would have left had they known just how bad the storm was going to be but did not place blame.


“We can’t get caught up in who’s to blame or any of that,” Bun B said. “We’ll have plenty of time to do that when this is over. But right now, we need to save lives.”


Hurricane Harvey began on Friday and continues to cause damage in Houston. Sources say the storm is expected to move on later this week, but it has already caused unimagined flooding. It is reported that over 30 inches of rain has fallen.

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