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That’s Baller: Travis Scott Gifts Kylie Jenner With a $60K Butterfly Necklace

Travis Scott definitely knows how to give his girl “butterflies.” The Rapper threw his reality star girlfriend, Kylie Jenner a surprise birthday party with family and friends.

Just days after Jenner’s party, Scott gifted his bae with a $60K butterfly necklace. The multicolored necklace was inspired by Scott’s hit song “Butterfly Effect,” which made the gift that more special.

Scott reached out to jeweler Elliott Avianne two weeks ago to ensure that Kylie’s necklace was ready in time for her birthday.

The customized diamond necklace featured 28 carats of VVS diamonds with butterflies throughout. There’s nothing like a diamond butterfly necklace to match the couple’s matching butterfly tattoos.

To end Jenner’s birthday week, Scott pulled a Kanye West by showering Jenner with dozens of white roses and an orchestra to serenade her.

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  1. 60K for VVS??? PASS! If I were to EVER spend that much on a piece of jewelry I want “IF” or “FL” and nothing less! If you don’t know what that is then here – it’s part of diamond grading, google it!!! And that has to be hollow on the inside or it would be VERY heavy. Hey just like it’s owner! LOL

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