Caitlyn Jenner Recants Support For Donald Trump: “Sadly, I Was Wrong”

Caitlyn Jenner is taking back her supportive words towards Donald Trump. She now says Trump doesn’t have the LGBTQ’s best interest at heart.

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, the former Olympic athlete expressed her remorse for once being a supporter of Trump and claiming Trump was on the transgender community’s side.  This comes after Trump announced his new federal plan that would rollback rights given to the trans-community. If the policy is put in place, a person will be permanently defined by their sex at birth regardless of their gender identity. Other Obama-era policies that assisted trans-students will also be revised or taken out.

Jenner says she regrets her initial support. 

“Believing that I could work with Trump and his administration to support our community was a mistake.” She then explained why she originally supported him.

“Sadly, I was wrong. The reality is that the trans community is being relentlessly attacked by this president…He has ignored our humanity. He has insulted our dignity. He has made trans people into political pawns as he whips up animus against us in an attempt to energize the most right-wing segment of his party…Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to claim to support this valuable, vulnerable community, and I was encouraged by the applause he received when he said at the Republican National Convention in July 2016 that he would stand up for the LGBTQ 

community,” she said. “This is politics at its worst. It is unacceptable, it is upsetting, and it has deeply, personally hurt me.”

Jenner ended her comment saying she plans to help the cause in any way she can. “I will still work with anyone who is committed to help our community.”

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