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Caitlyn Jenner to Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration


In nine days, President Obama will step down from his role as the President of the United States to allow President-elect Donald Trump to transitions into the position. However, the technicalities behind the inauguration ceremony are still being sorted out.


While much of Hollywood has declined their invitation to this year’s inauguration, a select few have decided to join the party, including transgender star and conservative Republican, Caitlyn Jenner.


According to US Weekly, in the past, Jenner has said she wants to use her platform to benefit and be a voice for the LGBTQ community. All while, reportedly praising the President-elect, claiming he seems “good for women” and “very much behind the LGBT community,” during a 2016 interview with STAT.


“I believe in the simple things. I believe in our Constitution,” the former Olympian said on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons. “I think the Republican side, although I’ve been very disappointed with them over the last 10 to 20 years, has a better opportunity to bring this country back to really, as close as you can to what it was. …I have kind of positioned myself with the Republican party to try to help these people understand what the issues are for the LBGT community.”


However, Trump’s Vice President-elect Mike Pence has aggressively criticized the LGBTQ community, amidst pushing his anti-LGBT agenda throughout his career. But, it appears Pence’s views are not a concern for the famed step-father to the Kardashian klan, as she has accepted her invited to the inauguration.


What are your thoughts? Do you think Jenner will be a voice for the LBGT community? Can she help the Republicans understand LGBT issues?

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  1. Sigh. She’s hoping that a crowd full of bigots will give her a platform. Here’s to wishful thinking. ? She better bring her own security just in case Pence tries to keep her there for conversion therapy. ?

  2. Lmao @ Suga “conversion therapy”

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