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California Will Vote on Recreational Marijuana Use in November – blogged by: @proudlylauren

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Cali since 1996 (Proposition 215), residents and lawmakers have now turned their attention to legalizing weed for recreational use. The proposed “Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” which is supported by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and others, would allow anyone 21 and older to possess up to an oz of marijuana for private recreational use and allow personal cultivation of up to six marijuana plants.

Spokesman Jason Kinney said in a statement, “Today marks a fresh start for California, as we prepare to replace the costly, ineffective system of prohibition with a safe, legal and responsible adult-use marijuana system that gets it right and completely pays for itself.”

If passed, this law would establish a system to license, regulate and tax (15%) sales of marijuana; while allowing city governments to be in control of commercial distribution in their borders.

The initiative required over 402,000 signatures in order to qualify to appear on November ballots. It exceeded that number on Tuesday, according to the Secretary of State’s office. Secretary Alex Padilla will certify and confirm the signatures on June 30th.

Opponents of liberal marijuana laws are not happy with the initiative, arguing that the legalization of medicinal and recreational use carry public safety risks, and would make pot more accessible to youngsters.

What do you think? Should the recreational use of marijuana be legal?

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