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Cam Newton Benched During Sunday Night Football Due to Dress Code Violation – blogged by @LoveRubyWoo


Cam Newton is known for his eclectic and unpredictable fashion choices, which never fail to draw attention. However, this past weekend, one of his outfits was more than just the topic of conversation and it actually led to him having to sit out part of a game.

During the opening drive of the Panthers-Seahawks game on Sunday night, people wondered why quarterback Derek Anderson was starting in place of Cam Newton. As it turned out, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera decided to bench Newton for the first series of the game because he had committed a dress code violation. Specifically, Newton did not wear a tie on the flight to Seattle, which was a violation of the team’s travel dress code.

When asked about it during the post-game press conference, Newton attributed his lack of a tie to poor communication on his part and the fact that he had run out of dress shirts on the Panthers’ long west coast trip. The team played the Raiders in Oakland last week and then stayed in California throughout this past week. Simply put, “I can’t wear a tie with this,” Newton, who was dressed in a black turtleneck and coat, told the press.

Rivera stressed that he would have done the same thing with any other player on the team.
Either way, the decision to bench Newton for the first part of the game didn’t really help or hurt the Panthers, as they ended up getting crushed by the Seahawks in a 40-7 loss.

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