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Canadian Social Media Marketing Company Plans To Sue Tyga For $200,000

It’s no secret that Tyga has experienced some trouble with financial partners abroad in the past. Now,  Providr, a Canadian social media company is coming back for a $200,000 advance that was paid to the “Taste” rapper.

Providr claims they entered a deal with Tyga in 2015, to direct online user activity generated by his Facebook account for use in marketing and advertising. In short, they planned to use Tyga’s social media traffic to generate clicks for their clients and promote products.

Apparently, the “Dip” rapper walked away with the $200K but failed to give Providr full access to all his social media handles. They claim he breached the deal, so they sued for the cash advance, according to The Blast.

Providr Inc. filed to register a judgment they recently scored in the Great White North and won a default judgment of $145,070.94 but now need the judgment recognized in California so they can go after the rapper legally in the states, uncovered by The Blast.

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