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Cardi B Fires Back In Lawsuit Over Her Mixtape Cover; Says The Man Is Trying To Extort Her and Ride Her “Famous Coat-Tails”

As the release date for her debut album approaches, Cardi B is ready to tie up some loose ends regarding her mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.

Back in October, the Bronx-bred raptress was slapped with a lawsuit over the cover art of her mixtape. In the suit, Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. claimed he was “shocked, outraged, humiliated and appalled” when he saw the cover, which featured a tattooed man, face down in Cardi’s cooch.

Brophy claimed Cardi used the photo of his “one of a kind” back tatt “in a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual way to launch her career in music and entertainment,” which he claimed had tarnished his reputation and relationship with his family, as it went against their family’s beliefs. So, he demanded $5 million from the rap star for his troubles.

But now, Cardi is ready to settle this legal issue once and for all. The rapper’s legal team recently filed court docs, accusing Brophy of extortion.

According to The @Blast, Cardi’s team claims Brophy is looking to secure “Whatever piece of Cardi B’s income he can gouge out, and whatever free ride on her famous coat-tail he can gain, through extortionate means of this unfounded preposterous action.”

Although Brophy claims his back tattoo is a “one of a kind” piece that was done over a decade ago, Cardi’s team claims the photo is a “classic example of transformative work created in the exercise of the First Amendment rights of the photographer.” Additionally, since Brophy was never identified in the photo, the team says they are in the clear.

As a result, Cardi wants the lawsuit dropped immediately.

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  1. The tattoo in question DO NOT belong to the artist any more!!! It belongs to the person’s wearing it! Did Mr.Brophy do this tattoo for free and have him sign a contract with him stating what he can and can not do with his tattoo??? Someone get this man some water cause he thristy for real!!! Majority of people have tattoo’s these days and when people show off their art work I’ve never heard of the artist getting upset over what someone else does with their body once they have paid!!!
    The dude with his head down there paid for his tattoo? It belongs to him! He got paid for this shoot? Then there is NO issue and stop clogging our court system with trash!!!

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