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Cardi B Opens Up About Motherhood and Her Altercation With Nicki Minaj: “We Came To An Understanding But She Kept Going”

Following the historic success of her first official single, “Bodak Yellow,” and her debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” Cardi B received the ultimate gift in welcoming her first child with husband, Offset. 

Though many judged the new mom for her decisions, which many believed jeopardized her career, Cardi refused to let her baby stop her bag. In fact, in a new interview with W Magazine, the “I Like It” rapper opened up about her pregnancy, how it affected her career and all the drama leading up to and after she gave birth. 

“When I got pregnant, I was f*cking freaking out,” Cardi told the magazine. “Everybody around me was like, ‘No, this never happened before. Every artist that had a baby, they already put in years in the game. This is your first year. You’re going to mess it up. How are you going to make it?’”

Spoiler Alert. She didn’t mess it up. In fact, she hit the ground running – late nights and early mornings in the studio, shooting videos and taking pictures three to eight months pregnant and let’s not forget her Coachella performance. 

But since giving birth, things haven’t gone exactly the way the superstar expected. “People don’t really talk about what you go through after pregnancy,” she said. “Like, they don’t tell you that you get stitches down there or that your first two weeks you’re constipated. Or that you get contractions because of breastfeeding. I wasn’t expecting that.” 

She even dealt with postpartum, as she explained she always needed to feel loved and connected to her daughter. But, if that wasn’t enough, the rapper is in a constant battle with internet rumors and allegations about her husband’s alleged infidelities. 

“Every single day there’s rumors about me and my dude. And it almost drives me crazy, because I start to believe them. I don’t have no proof. I don’t have receipts. But I just got to know my man,” she said. “But I cannot be feeling insecure, to a point that I would drive my dude away, because these people want that to happen.” 

As the interview continued, Cardi opened up about the infamous NYFW incident with Nicki Minaj, which she claimed stemmed over a tweet the rapper liked, then unliked, about Cardi’s parenting skills. 

“For a while now she’s been taking a lot of shots at me,” Cardi said of the Queens rapper. “I spoke to her twice before, and we came to an understanding. But she kept going. I was going to make millions off my Bruno Mars tour, and I sacrificed that to stay with my daughter.” 

“I love my daughter,” she continued. “I’m a good-ass f*cking mom. So for somebody that don’t have a child to like that comment? So many people want to say that party wasn’t the time or the place, but I’m not going to catch another artist in the grocery store or down the block.” 

But, at the end of the day, she said the only thing she cares about is, “My baby.” 

“That’s all I give a f*ck about right now,” she said. “I’m thinking about how my money’s going to last so this girl is 21 and put in college. I’m thinking about investments. I’m thinking about five years from now and about the craziest shit like, ‘How am I going to discipline this girl?” 

“See, that’s why I like to be here, instead of out there by myself in Atlanta,” she added, of in the presence of her grandparents. “Because it’s everybody around her.”

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