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Cardi B Says Feud With Nicki Minaj Was “Bad For Business,” Says The Drama “Takes Away From People Paying Attention To Your Craft”

Just a few years ago, Cardi B was a regular degular girl from the Bronx, who stripped to put food on her table. But now, amid the rapper’s historical success, the spicy mami is a Grammy-nominated, record-setting rapper, who doubles as a mother to her five-month-old daughter, Kulture. 

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Cardi opened up about her journey to superstardom, and how her complicated past helped in her catapult to fame. In fact, in discussing her past actions, she also touched on the drama involving #NickiMinaj and revealed her thoughts on it in the aftermath. 

Although she felt the incident and subsequent outrage was “unnecessary,” she said, “Am I ever embarrassed about anything that I do? No.”

“You know a lot of people like to say, any publicity is good publicity, to me it’s not because that takes away from people paying attention to your craft,” she continued of the situation with the self-proclaimed Barbie, adding that it was “bad for business.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“It makes people not even care about your craft. They just wanna see drama.”

Despite the drama, Cardi is still dominating the charts and has even been nominated for five Grammys, a feat that is especially hard to come by for women in rap. But, with much success comes much hate, and in Cardi’s case, you knock her down nine times, she’ll always get up 10. 

“When I was like a nothing, everybody was rooting [for me], but now that I’m finally here, people have a problem for it,” she said. “I worked so hard. People feel like I don’t deserve it.”

“I get up every single time, honey. Even before this fame stuff, I always get up all the time. I show people that. I show it over and over again,” she said.

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