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Why Do You Care Who I’m Dating; Aren’t We Over?

When a relationship is over, it’s over. You are no longer obligated to know what the other person has going on in their personal life whatsoever, especially when it comes to dating.


Moving on can be hard for some people who feel like they have invested so much time or effort in the relationship. They feel as if it was a waste of time even dating the person. Now, if you’re feeling this way or thinking these thoughts, then why in the hell are you concerned with who your ex is talking to.
The relationship ended for whatever reason and that clearly means that you have to move on. How can you expect to be happy or find a new mate, if you’re always clocking your ex? Let them live their life and you need to live yours.
You don’t want to come off as the crazy bitter ex that simply can’t move on. Now, he or she is blocking you on social media and your number. It’s not worth the time or effort.
The energy that you’re putting into worrying about your ex’s whereabouts, could be used towards something beneficial to you and your future.

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