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Is Your Vagina Depressed?


-blogged by @siren We all go through “dry spells” at one point or another, who would have thought that not getting enough sex could lead your vagina  to depression. According to a London based sex therapist women who don’t have a sexual relationship with a partner or themselves can experience …

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Go Head Girl You Can P***y Pop If You Want To

hoe phase

While it is more acceptable for males to be sexually free, women have always conformed to society’s double standard on sex and the expectations of it. Be cute, nice, wholesome, talk a certain way, act a certain way, so you can be considered wife material. Yet, there’s no denying that …

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Woman Gives Her Intersex Dog Gender Reassignment Surgery


In recent years, the world has become more conscious of an individual’s sexual preference and orientation. Although the political climate has been a constant attack on the LGBTQ community, many have been open to learning more about the things they may not understand, instead of simply denouncing one’s way of …

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