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Smoke and Watch: Top 10 Smoker Movies

smoker movies

It’s #420! The day we celebrate everything marijuana. If you have any special plans or you plan on inviting friends over for a movie and smoke session, here are some classic films that will leave you lifted and laughing. 1. How High (2001)- How High has easily become a smoker’s …

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Are Breaks In Relationships Necessary?

All relationships have their ups and downs. Often times when couples are going through hard times, breaks are taken. The question for many is “What is a break?” A break is when a couple gives each other space to get their thoughts together on their relationship. Rather than actually breaking …

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Hussle in the House: Remembering “Neighborhood Nip”

Nipsey Hussle's Brother Speaks

He’s “Been Down” Ermias Asghedom was lovingly known around his community and on stage as #NipseyHussle. Hussle was born August 15, 1985, and was raised in the Crenshaw and Slauson neighborhood of South Los Angeles. Growing up, he attended Hamilton High School in the Castle Heights neighborhood and was greatly …

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7 Must See Documentaries On Netflix and Hulu

Who even uses traditional cable anymore? Streaming services have taken over with their low monthly fees and wide range of content to choose something that you actually want to watch. Lately, it seems like everyone is coming out with documentaries and they have been jaw dropping to say the least. …

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Spring Break Vibes: Top 5 Destinations To Turn Up

Spring Break

March is the beginning of spring break for many college students as well as educators, depending on your location. Regardless of when you actually go on spring break, this is the time to have fun, bond with family and friends, and turn up like no other.  A vacation is well …

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The Difference Between Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Culture Vs Race and Ethnicity

Judging by the comments people post online, it’s hard to determine if people are unaware, oblivious, naive, willfully ignorant or just plain dumb when it comes to a lot of topics that don’t directly involve celebrity beef, gossip, and consumerism. You would think with all this free access to information …

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Best Black Valentine’s Day Movies Of All Time

You have to admit; love is a very beautiful thing. In real life, you may experience bumps in the road, but on-screen you can always expect to enjoy a happy ending. From “Jason’s Lyric” and “Poetic Justice” to “Mahogany” and “Carmen Jones,” we’ve had a variety of films featuring black …

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