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An Open Letter To Single Mothers On Father’s Day

Single Mothers

In a perfect world, first comes Love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby and your happily ever after. Well, if this isn’t your testimony, you are not alone. Father’s Day tends to dredge up some unresolved feelings of pain, hurt, anger, shame, resentment, and bitterness in a lot of women. …

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Celebrating The Men In Our Lives: Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day

All too often, the love, support, protection, and guidance that only a father can give isn’t recognized enough. Today, and every day let’s uplift every dad, stepdad, grandad, godfather, uncle daddy, heavenly fathers and any man who stands up to call of fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day fellas! It’s not easy …

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Baller Alert’s Most Influential IG Accounts

most influential

According to SimilarWeb, an online measurement company, the average person spends close to an hour a day scrolling through Instagram. In reality, we know that a lot of you don’t even clear the crust from your eyes before you reach for the phone to refresh your screen and catch up …

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10 Of The Most Memorable Moments In Black TV History

Millennials grew up during a time when video games and internet were barely a “thing” and you were the shit just for having basic cable with channels like ABC, UPN, BET. The show selection for black kids and families were abundant, bringing families in the same room even if for …

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Signs You Need A Mental Health Vacation

Mental Health

Please know and understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. As we’ve been witnessing many celebrities, even loved ones and friends, who had seemingly good health and a seemingly good lifestyle harm or kill themselves due to mental trauma that was taken lightly…or not …

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Are You A Conspiracy Theorist?

Are you a conspiracy theorist

In this day and age, we act so woke that we are often blinded by the obvious or neglect to enjoy the present. Those actions make one wonder if many are conspiracy theorists. Is there more to life and situations than what may meet the eye? Yes. Does this make …

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Seven Old Wives Tales You Probably Still Live By

Old Wives Tale

From the time we were young children, we’ve heard our moms, grandmas, aunties, neighbors, all of the “older folk” gave us life lessons on things we should never do and the odd consequences. “Don’t buy a man shoes, he’ll walk out of your life!” Or God-forbid you split the pole …

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