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My President is Black…


Last week, the President of the United States delivered his farewell address to the nation. In the final speech, President Barack Obama looked back on the past eight years. He highlighted his accomplishments and used the platform to celebrate his supporters for the way they’ve changed this country. In the end, …

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Year In Review: Ballerific Women of 2016

2016 could not come to a close without Baller Alert honoring the women making strides in their fields for the betterment of humanity. Their positive impact through their various endeavors has contributed intangibly to society. Whether it be encouraging a grateful life, advocating for better health, quietly demonstrating power and persistence, …

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Baller Alert’s Year in Review: Celebrities We Lost in 2016

2016 was a year! Many experienced great success, incredible comebacks and amazing glow-ups. Our favorite artists provided the perfect soundtrack for the year, with their new releases, from Anti to Lemonade to Major Key. But, with all the ups experienced throughout the year, we’ve had even more downs. 2016 claimed …

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Time To Start Working On Your Vision Board

(pic: donnienicole.com) As we creep closer to the New Year, it’s time to start thinking ahead. What plans do you have for your future? Will you be making plans to increase your finances while lowering your debt? Do you want to travel more? Take steps to becoming physically fit? Whatever …

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Baller Alert’s Top 10 Ballerific Couples of 2016


2016 will be a memorable year to say the least. Despite losing some of our favorite celebrities, a few of our favorite celebrity couples split this year, leaving many hopeless in regards to love. From Brangelina to Mary J and Kendu, and most recently T.I. and Tiny, the relationship span …

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15 Christmas Movies To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

It’s Christmas Eve Eve and while the warm weather is hindering the holiday spirit for some, it’s not too late to turn up the cheer by watching some holiday favorites. Here are 15 of my favorite holiday movies ranging from classics to comedies. Check out my list below and let me …

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How To Handle Being Dumped Before the Holidays


The holidays are rapidly approaching. If you’ve made it this far, kudos to you. However, hang tight because your new beau may be gearing up to kick you to the curb. If your boo hasn’t made any plans with you for the upcoming holidays, take the L, you’re about to get …

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Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Baller


You’ve made it passed the probationary period with your baller. No longer can you be considered another random or “downtime”. You’ve been in relationships before, but this time it’s different. Five star dining and solid -gold bidets will do that to you. Slowly, but surely you have nestled yourself into …

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Even If You’re In a Benz, You’re Still A….


In light of the unmasked racial tension that has subsequently set our country back several years, the topic of conversation among black people has been white folk. On social media, there are discussions about how we allow white people to treat us. Debates about how we scale success in comparison …

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