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Did Barack Obama Implement A Muslim Ban In 2011?

Did Barack Obama Implement A Muslim Ban In 2011? Donald Trump would like you to believe these alternative facts.  According to Trump, his travel ban is much like President Obama’s in 2011, however, with a little research you will see they couldn’t be more different.   Let’s start with common …

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Emirates Airlines Had To Switch Flight Crew Due To Trump Ban

Emirates Airlines has had to make changes to their flight crew, pilots and passenger roster due to Donald Trump’s recent Muslim ban.   The airline industry  was caught off guard when Trump suspended the entry of people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen on Friday.   “The recent change …

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Common & Twista Weigh In On Trump’s Plans For Chicago

Last week Donald Trump said that he would send “Feds” to Chicago if the violence in the city did not stop. Chicago rappers Common and Twista have both come forward to express their opinions on whether they believe that is a good idea.   On Wednesday, Trump tweeted: “If Chicago doesn’t …

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Iran Bans United States Visitors From Entering Their Country

In response to Donald Trump banning citizens of Iran from entering the United States, Iran has vowed to return the favor.   Iran says they will ban all United States citizens from entering their country, thanks to Trump’s recent executive order.   “The Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to …

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Donald Trump Will Prioritize Christian Refugees Over Muslim

It seems that Donald Trump plans to show some bias when it comes to which refugees he intends to let into the United States. Depending on your religion, you could have first dibs at entering the “Land of the Free.”   In an interview Friday, Trump said that persecuted Christians seeking …

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Decades Later, Emmett Till’s Accuser Admits She Lied


On August 21, 1955, 14-year-old Emmett Till arrived in Money, Mississippi to visit his uncle, Mose Wright. Three days later, Till went to a store owned by a white couple to buy bubble gum. As he left the establishment, he reportedly whistled at the 21-year-old owner, Carolyn Bryant. At the …

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