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Can A Woman Cheat-Proof Her Relationship?

– blogged by: @uniquely_humble – Ladies, I’m sure we can all remember disagreeing with a man at one point or another during our relationship, and he sarcastically reminds us that “What one woman won’t do the next one will.”  While its meaning holds true, there’s also a flip side to …

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How To Tell Your Significant Other May Be Racist

When in relationships, we often look at ourselves as the exception to the rule. If your significant other’s previous relationships have ended badly, you immediately assume that with hard work, yours won’t. When your man says he doesn’t usually date X type of girl but wants to date you, your …

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Dating A Baller Can Be Tough For Successful Women

Why are successful women attracted to Ballers? Baller Alert often uses the word Baller to describe successful men of all careers. Whether it’s a Corporate Baller or an actual Athlete. For the sake of this article, we are talking about celebrity men and actual professional athletes.   When it comes to …

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Ballerific Relationships: Keep Casual Sex, Casual

Casual Sex

Casual sex, when it works, is an amazing thing: two consenting individuals fulfilling each other’s sexual desires, without the stress of a commitment or relationship. Again, when it works. Often times before we realize it, after we’ve already become well addicted to the healing powers of good sex. Being blindsided by …

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Is There A Such Thing As Privacy In A Relationship?

privacy in a relationship

– blogged by: @uniquely_humble – Privacy is something that should be understood in any relationship, but should that privilege be revoked if you have violated your significant other’s trust? Some may disagree as long as secrecy and privacy aren’t confused. How would you feel if your spouse (or significant other) …

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Ballerific Relationships – Cuffing Season

As the bitter cold arises, earlier than normal this year, “cuffing season” starts to come around. Cuffing season is defined as being the time of year that single, otherwise promiscuous people would be more inclined to find someone to get into a relationship with, just to have someone during the …

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