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Steph Curry On Donald Trump’s LeBron James Tweet: “That Rhetoric Is All Based In Some Longstanding Racism In Terms Of Black Men With a Voice In Power”

Despite the longstanding on-court rivalry between Steph Curry and LeBron James, the two are on the same team when it comes to their disapproval of the Celebrity-in-Chief, Donald Trump.  In a recent interview with Logan Murdock of the Mercury News, Curry broke down Trump’s tweet about James and his interview …

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NFL Hall of Famer and Civil Rights Advocate Jim Brown Talks National Anthem Protests: “I Am Not Going To Denigrate My Flag, I’m Going To Stand For the National Anthem”

As the 2018-19 NFL season approaches, and amid continued controversy surrounding protests during the National Anthem, many are sharing their own opinions about the silent protests.  While most players have exercised their right to protest despite the league’s opposition, others, both current and former, have declined to participate, with some …

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Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Reaffirms His Disapproval Of Kneeling During The National Anthem: “I Feel Strongly About What I Said”

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback #DakPrescott wants to make it clear that the field “isn’t the place” for “silent protests.” The owners of the Dallas Cowboys, #JerryJones and son #StephenJones, have been adamant about their feelings towards players kneeling during the national anthem. The family pair say they expect each player to …

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