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John Wall Ejected on Monday, Fined and Ejected Again on Wednesday

On Monday night, the Washington Wizards took on the Houston Rockets on their home court. The team lead the first quarter, but after that, it just went from bad to worse. Not only did James Harden tally his fourth consecutive 30-piece accompanied by 10 assists, but late in the fourth,  Wizards’ star point-guard …

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Steph Curry Sets NBA Record for Most 3-Pointers in a Game


Steph Curry is cooking once again. The reigning two-time MVP locked in another extraordinary accomplishment to add to his long list of record-breaking achievements. Last night, Curry took position behind the arc and released, draining his 13th trey of the game. Just one game after missing all 10 of his 3-point attempts, for the first time in two …

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Ex-NFL Baller Greg Hardy Indicted For Cocaine Possession

Troubled former NFL baller, Greg Hardy, was indicted on Monday for possession of cocaine in lieu of his September arrest. Apparently, when officers searched the former defensive end’s car, they found a “purple plastic baggie containing a white pasty substance,” court documents state. Sources say, the estimated weight of the substance, which …

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Broncos Brandon Marshall Calls Off National Anthem Protest

Denver Broncos linebacker, Brandon Marshall, has decided that he will be standing for the National Anthem from now on.   At the start of the season, Marshall joined Colin Kaepernick in a silent protest to raise awareness for social injustice. Marshall’s protest didn’t come without opposition. Shortly after taking a …

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Russell Wilson Essentially Calls Cam Newton A Punk

Last week Cam Newton had quite a few things to say about the NFL’s officiating. According to Newton, all of the uncalled late hits were taking the fun out of the game for him. After expressing that he didn’t feel safe, Cam Newton took a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to …

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Cubs Fan Knocked Out Cold For Taunting Indians Fan

-blogged by @djb.jewelz While the Cleveland Indians may have lost the World Series, one Chicago Cubs fan may have taken the biggest loss of the night.   36-year old Alan Anderson was knocked out cold by an Indians fan, right outside the Progressive Field stadium in Cleveland.   As both were leaving the stadium, …

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Cam Newton Has “Great Discussion” With Roger Goodell, Calais Campbell Fined For Low Hit


On Sunday, Cam Newton used the post-game conference to address the late hits and no-flags he has experienced this season. Visibly upset, the Panthers quarterback explained that the physical play has begun to take the fun out of the game for him. Newton’s complaints stemmed from the low hit that left him shaken up on Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals. …

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Oklahoma Running Back Suspended For Being A Jerk

The Oklahoma Sooners’ star running back, Joe Mixon, has been suspended for essentially being a jerk to a OU campus parking attendant.   According to reports, at around 9:30 am Tuesday, Mixon was given a parking citation. “He was frustrated, as most of us are when we get a ticket,” Mixon’s attorney …

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Josh Gordon Officially Out of Rehab, Remains Suspended


Good news NFL fans, it seems like Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Josh Gordon, has officially completed his 30-day rehab stint. Since 2013, the NFL baller has had limited play time because of his alcohol abuse issues. However, Gordon has taken a step in the right direction with the completion of his month-long …

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Aaron Hernandez’s Phone Reportedly Tapped Prior to Murder Trial

There have been some new developments in former NFL baller, Aaron Hernandez’s first murder trial. According to reports, the former New England Patriot’s phone calls were tapped prior to his first murder trial. Apparently, the counsel on both sides had no idea. Sources say, the hack occurred two years ago, when Hernandez …

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Richard Sherman Blasts NFL For Being Hypocrites

Richard Sherman is unhappy with the NFL over their disciplinary actions he considers to be hypocritical. Sherman’s issues with the NFL in particular are with the way they discipline players for touch down celebrations vs. things like domestic violence.   In an essay titled “Common Sense,” for the Players’ Tribune, Sherman …

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